Saugus Iron Works – Pest Management Continued


Installing fence for pest management

The history of the park is the that it was the first iron works of America, and it quickly began to help America become one of the leading steel making countries in the world. There is a blacksmiths area, when the park was operational still is used to make nails like blacksmiths working there would make and are used in the repairing of the buildings.

Before we began our project, we were given pictures of different locations in the park from the 50’s and had to find the location of where the picture was taken and see the difference in the landscape. The goal of our project was to continue and finish from the summer pest management, a fence to stop the geese from disturbing the order of the parks beautiful area by laying their waste. Which was well sought for by us because…

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Minute Man National Park – Creating an Orchard!

Great fall project

Our second project was on October 28 2017 at Parker’s Revenge Landscape Rehabilitation (Minute Man Park). In the battle of April 19, 1775, British soldiers marched past the orchards heading west to Concord. Beginning in the early 1800s, number of cider orchards decreased due to the temperance movement. When Minute Man National Historic Park was established in 1989, several remnant orchards remained within the battle road unit. In 2003-2004, the park replants the Hartwell Orchard. In 2017, the park collaborated with the Lincoln Minute Men to replant the Hartwell Orchard as the earlier planting was lost to deer and rodent damage.

Our goal for this project was to get up long term deer, rabbit, vole, and weed protection around newly planted apple trees. For this project, we worked with the technical expect, Margie Coffin Brown whose an integrated resource manager at the park, robotics team and also within ourselves. For…

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Charlestown Navy Yard


Adrienne, Ardo, and Jeremiah getting the tree ready to be planted

This week, we worked at the Charlestown Navy Yard (CNY). During our week here we learned the importance of the park. The park during WWII was turning out new ships about every three months. Which the National Parks Service that should be preserved, the land area of the navy yard was diminished from when it was in working condition. The goal of our project was to help in the process of restoring the Commandant’s house garden to a welcoming place. Which we need to make sure we’re safe by wearing our personal protective equipment which consisted of safety glasses, gloves, long pants and our steel toe of safety toe boots.  Our tasks for the project consisted of planting a drift rose, a magnolia tree, pruning back some lilacs, and weeding the brick pathway up to the Commandant’s house. The…

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How To Disappear Online And Fly Under The Radar

I’ve had serious identity fraud problems

How to Provide

There was a time when you didn’t have to look over your shoulder to see if you’re watched. Privacy was as normal and real as paying the bills at the bank, or buying milk from the grocery. Those days are gone. You don’t need to go to the grocery to buy milk or enter the bank for paying the bills. Thanks to internet, they are just one click away.

But even if you can’t see anybody standing right behind you, you know they are there, watching every page you visit, every payment you make, and following your traces through the virtual world. Then they could easily steal your data, empty your card, build your profile and scan your everything till you have nothing private left.

Are you ready to face these scammers and protect your right to privacy? Here’s what you need to know!

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Eight Years

Good article on CA

Under Western Skies

Today is the 8th anniversary of Under Western Skies.

It’s too big a task to look back over nearly 650 posts and well over half a million words from the entire run. Focusing on year 8, though, it’s been good, and I’ve enjoyed covering a lot of territory with you.

Nature and wild places have been an important part of this blog since the beginning. This year I realized a longtime desire to see the Big Trees: the Coast Redwoods in northwestern California’s Redwood National Park.

Redwood National Park Brad Nixon 7396 (640x480)

In April, the wettest winter in recorded history turned southern California’s landscape a lush green, carpeted with tall grass and flowers, as in this shot made at Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange County, 30 miles east and inland from my house.

Santiago Oaks Brad Nixon 6547 (640x470)

I also wrote about the spring bloom from Joshua Tree National Park, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and right here along the Los…

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Rosemary: The Essential Oil That Fights Arthritis, Anxiety And Hair Loss — And Kills Bugs, Too

How to Provide

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