Welcome to the world of Joanne Marie Unis-Towner. I’ve been looking for a job for a few years, not so much recently since my record has been mixed up, found out by applying to jobs and putting in for retirement that the mix up has been going on for a few years on and off, and a few other times, I wasn’t entirely aware of, until now. Should have changed my name back when I first heard of it. I’ve been pretty lucky, I still have family, mom and dad and my son went into the Army, as I was getting out. All in all I have survived quite a bit and survived set backs on career attempts too, I still strive to go forward. What else can you do? Moving forward, steady as she goes.

I’ve been to college, earned a BS degree this year. I’ve been back home with Mom for a few years too. I had a house and a yard on the Cape. I came back home to MA where I was born and raised. I came back to MA in 2004 from Idaho. I went to school, did weekend National Guard drills and had seasonal jobs in USFS there. I left a horse on a ranch there, he was appreciated and well taken care of.  I lived with my husband, now ex. in wyoming previous to that, raised two kids, Beth and Cody. Cody is in the Army now….  http://hlz.cc/2hi

in the indoor wash rack

home on the rack

.. I presently sell on eBay and hold product demo events.   Also born and raised in Catholic church. so typical of Boston.

This is my new horse(shamus), given to me, I use to ride him, so I took on the challenge. He’s board in next town on the cheap side. It just takes diligence to get his feet better. Its been a muddy summer and fall. As of this month of November, I have hope of getting more help for him, like x-rays.