getting the mud off

we survived those storms for this

here we are again, shamus, the horse of leisure….he says,

..ummm, can’t they see I am walking alright? maybe a little wobbly, but hey, where’s the hay, its muddy like pea soup out there…speaking of peas, If you are going to gyp me out of carrots. .then, I just want some more apples please !! I won’t stop grinding ,my teeth with all this stress of no apples!

new update, not grinding teeth anymore and doesn’t like the Other kind of apple. but his feet got deeper as I was here most of the time, or working more, still not bad, could be better.

found some help, I hope as of nov 14,2011 for next week

im going to tell you what

ark, help. tweet.

lookie, hoofs r clean

you can see my racing stripes now

left front

not too bad at a distance



the boat on last summer day

the ship is coming in...hope this means the rescue is coming soon