This is so true! Trends, views, politics, what someone will build on another to destroy their reputation! Damaging, unbelievable, yet true!

To Inform is to Influence

Oh, darn, I couldn’t type the title with a straight face…

Most of us use information to inform, in order to get a decision, to alter a behavior, to confuse, or even amuse someone.  Politicians are no different.   If one reads a lot of news sources, as I do, you’ll start to see trends.  I can hand a kid on the corner a dollar bill and before I know it, one party will say ‘he only gave him a dollar!  Cheapskate!’  The other side will sure say ‘he gave him money, enabling his family to eat for a year!’  This is politics as normal for 2012.  False, misleading and, frankly, unbelievable.

I belong to a senior group of information operations professionals. It’s a group of about 95 people, originally constituted under the original definition of IO, when it had five components.  We have members from the military information support operations…

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