disturbing leadership taking advantage of employees afraid to leave jobs and leave a wider and wider gap between the lower echleons of associates becoming disassociated and the higher management, and including big money sport team organizations

The Neuroscience of Leadership Development

hubris [hyoo-bris], noun. excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

Those of you that are kind enough to spend a few minutes of your day reading my blog know I’ve been writing about the leadership crisis that is eroding Corporate America and our country’s competitive advantage.  This is not simply my opinion; my stance and perspective is supported by numerous research studies, surveys and white papers published by distinctive institutions and prestigious global consultancies.  Not one or two studies, mind you, but more than a dozen point to the causality of the endemic employee disengagement crisis in our nation.  McKinsey & Co. reports that 90% of “C” level and one step down executives score below average in eight key leadership competencies.  A pitiful 1% actually score excellent in core leadership competencies.   Multiple studies have pointed out the fact that 70% of employees are not engaged cognitively or emotionally with their companies.  One doesn’t need a…

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