wow, cool white ones, so cute, makes you smile back at them


No dog can smile like a pittie! All the pits I have rescued except 1 out of maybe 40, his name was AO short for Armstrong, the street on the East Side of Youngstown where way to many pitties have been starved, beat, fought & left to breed on the streets. AO was one of those & he was very sweet but all the scars on the outside had left him scarred on the inside so much that he had to be euthanized. R.I.P. AO.

However all the other 40 some dogs either came to me smiling or remembered how to after loving care of others & myself. They all became awesome pets. One will always stick in my mind though. Mikie, he was a very short, squat little guy, all black, and it seemed as though his head weighed more than the rest of his body. LOL! But it…

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