I have been reacting from cues people had pushed on me or put on me with some other idea or judgement about me in mind, then accumulation says it. I’ve moved fwd with lots of it, like the anger is pretty much gone. If I had known this before, could have come back from being shattered or feeling like a breakdown earlier. yup, triggers, cues, it was not flashback but a trigger to an anger over injustice over an incident, and maybe a repeat of it when moved back into a situation. tend to isolate and stay out of a situation, or be late like elizabeth taylor.no drugs, no thank you. the horse did help me. i could not figure out to solve my problem of being accused and reacting to that.

Power In Your Hands

Yes, this morning I fell down the stairs.  I had put on comfy fuzzy socks, and was looking at my phone a little, and my foot slipped and I tumbled down a half-flight to the landing, bracing myself with my left hand.  My forearm got bruised up and I’m still figuring out what’s going on with my neck (the chiropractor might get a visit), but I’m mostly fine.

What interested me, though, was the aftermath, once my body realized I was no longer in danger and hadn’t been badly hurt.  In a few minutes, my hands started to shake, and I was buzzy and shaky for a while as the adrenaline rush left my body.  Luckily, my body is pretty good at doing this; most of ours are.  But for people who have experienced serious trauma, things can be a bit different.

In our training, we called it “streaming.”  This…

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