great tips,I recently suffered from someone sending me malware and changed my antivirus program instead of windows 7 os. good idea to use UNIX if you can. I probably run too many browsers, IE, Firefox and Chrome, if Chrome doesn’t work, I use IE. Firefox had been hit hard. but hey we are survivors

Tablets vs Laptop Computers

Many personal computers are now connected to the Internet and to local area networks, facilitating the spread of malicious code. Today’s computer viruses may also take advantage of network services such as the World Wide Web, e-mail, and file sharing systems to spread, blurring the line between viruses and worms.

An e-mail virus travels as an attachment to e-mail messages, and usually replicates itself by automatically mailing itself to dozens of people in the victim’s e-mail address book.

Following are the Symptoms of a computer virus

*The computer restarts on its own
*The computer runs slower than usual
*Disks or disk drives are inaccessible
*Applications on the computer do not work correctly and You see unusual error messages
*The computer stops responding, or it locks up frequently
*The computer crashes, and then it restarts every few minutes

You can protect your computer against viruses with a few simple…

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