Curious about the brand on my horse, he was in MA for years but obviously came from somewhere else, he is a smart horse, many discipline  …I found the brand T lazy E brand registered in Polson, Montana to a Michael E. Davis in 1991. But the horse is not that old, suspect that maybe the mother, a half appaloosa, QH, registered appaloosa that might be his mother had the brand. He is either 1993, under a different name(not registered) or a 1996 model, entirely different from this find. Curiosity can get squashed if you wait too long to ask the question.

Oklahoma Agriculture Blog

All registered cattle and horse brands in the state of Oklahoma are set to expire on January 1, 2010 unless renewed.

The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), under contract with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry, is the official state Brand registrar. The OCA began mailing out over 13,000 brand renewal forms to current brand holders in October.

“We have had a very good response rate so far during this renewal process,” said Scott E. Dewald, OCA Executive Vice-President. “We have made every effort to ensure everyone receives their renewals, despite this we have had some renewals returned to us because of inaccurate addresses. Because of this we encourage anyone who has not received a renewal form to contact us at (405) 235-4391,” added Dewald.

The brand renewal process takes place every five years and the fee for renewing brands is $20.00. “I encourage everyone to register their brands.”…

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