About me

Hello, I am Joanne M. U. -Towner and I am looking for a sustainable job. I have several hobbies and projects. One is taking care of this horse. I am an Army retiree looking for my check at 60. My son is in the Army and my daughter watches my autistic 6 year old grandson. I like auctions, antiques and flea markets, often trading and picking up stuff for my eBay site or cleaning out my storage. I like to figure out how to best use computer applications and enjoyed building on project management software in class. I enjoyed completing a degree online. Occasionally I’ll show up to events, sponsored by meetup photographers and share experiences. I enjoy helping others and helping animals in trouble. My other events are food product demos at stores. ..I’d like to teach my grandson to ride this horse. They say therapeutic riding can cause them to start talking.
I’ve also had a garden project going on, it’s going longer this year with the weather.
Its not a 24/7 day applying to jobs any more. Looking at more ideas.


hibiscus syriacus

Ocean Spray demo

Ocean Spray says, we are hiring


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